Hearse on basis Mercedes-Benz Vito “PANORAMA”

KC Trapo-line Vito “Panorama”

The panoramic version by Kuhlmann Cars is a novelty in the international vehicle manufacturing. In the guidelines for bodybuilders, Mercedes-Benz forbids to cut out supporting parts from a vehicle in the series 447 (Vito / V-class), without providing evidence of the stiffness .

Most of the manufacturers have started to glue a foil on the vehicle in order to replace the window. Kuhlmann-Cars has developed a new technical system in which a window frame is being glued on the closed body, on which a large pane is being fixed.

With this procedure Kuhlmann Cars is the only bodybuilder worldwide who offers an elegant panoramic glazing (literally glazing) without cutting out any extensive parts of the body / chassis.

Curtain in sun optic or LED illumination for the curtains – all is real and can immediately be distinguished from the idea of “curtain foliation”. 



IInTERIoR – High Professional

InTERIor – 4-coffins – VITO