Hearse on basis Mercedes-Benz Vito / V-class

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Are you ready for the funeral car on basis Mercedes-Benz Vito / V-class? It is in any case ready for you at all times. A reliable, economical and safe partner for your working day. Its large interior space, the low loading sill as well as our various versions of equipment speak for themselves. Visual highlights such as the leather at the rear or the installation of panoramic windows are being developed and implemented in our own production.

In this segment the V-class takes up more and more the space of the classical hearse limousine such as e.g. Volvo, Jaguar, etc. The V-class stands as the deluxe edition and may be put on the same level as the E-class in regard of visual appearance and quality. In our portfolio we offer special equipments exclusively for the V-class.

Hearse on basis Mercedes-Benz Vito / V-Class


Exterior – International

Interior – Classic

Interior – High Professional

Interieur – International

Interior – 4-Coffins- Vito