Kuhlmann-Cars Bestattungswagen

Hearse on basis Mercedes Benz E-Class „5-doors“

KC-Line 213® „5-doors“ hearse – discover now!

The hearse on basis Mercedes-Benz E-Class from Kuhlmann Cars is also available with 5 doors and 2 cabins. The additional seating options in the hearse allow the escort of family members or employees without any problem. The dynamic proportions and the exciting layout oft he line make appear the upper class incredibly light and elegant inspite of the large space offer.

The individual look of the 5-doors hearse on basis Mercedes-Benz E-Class is defined through the various window variations „Davos“, „Lago“ oder „Riva“. The KC-Line 213® „5-doors“ is at the moment not yet available with Plug-in-Hybrid-Technology.

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