Kuhlmann Cars & Valmet Automotive

Made in Germany

KC-LINE 213® Innovation & technical development by Kuhlmann Cars & Valmet Automotive in Germany – We save the future –

Valmet Automotive Group is one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 systems supplier for Roof Systems and an important development partner for the global automotive industry. Learn more: Valmet Automotive

KC-line 213® over 12 different glass molds

Own Production in Heiden, Germany

Plug-in hybrid technology
… our hybrid hearse based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class
The KC-line 213® with EQ Power. Combines impressive agile performance with local emission-free driving. With its combined drive system of combustion engine and electric motor, it is a pioneer in its class.

KC-line 213® Version “5-door”
Also in three different glass molds

Pure Design is the art of combining functionality and aesthetics.

KC-line 213® Version “Classica”

4 of over 100 decor variations!

New interieur