Hearse technology

Hearse Technology made by Kuhlmann Cars

In our own development department we produce hearse technology made by Kuhlmann Cars in order to make the working day easier for the undertaker. More than 60 patented systems have proven their usefulness in action thanks to the high-grade materials and the easy operation. Get inspired by our variety of highlights.


The new hydraulic carriage lifting system MONO-LOADTEC® is established in special vehicle manufacturing of hearses. The carriage system may be stopped on every level without the risk of shifting. A full extension is possible on each level. A wide handle, easy operation elements and a perfect interior finishing set new standards for comfortable working.


With the patented/ exclusive DUO-LOADTEC® carriage system we present a sophisticated technology made by Kuhlmann Cars with only one goal, to render the daily work with ever-changing challenges as easy as possible.
The carriage system is being lifted hydraulically. Each side (left and right) may be extended seperately.
On the upper level (between the wheel cases) each side of the carriage system may be loaded seperately when extended over the rear bumper. The storage compartments on the left and right side remain in place and the loading height above the wheel cases remains unchanged.

The main advantages compared to the old systems (4-lanes-system):

  1. The large storage compartments in the coffin room on each side remain in place
  2. Significant lower loading height without removal of the wheel cases
  3. Less weight and technology (two lanes instead of four)

This new system assures a comfortable loading of the vehicle even outside also when operating two coffins.


CARRY-LOADTEC® describes the multifunctional storage system for your hearse by Kuhlmann Cars. This includes all loading and charging technologies which we offer as standard respectively as special equipment manufactured according to your requirements.

NEOPREN-separation wall

A new separation wall system developed by KC which provides a comfortable driving position for large persons up to 2 m height and at the same time offers a large storage room in the compartment behind the separation wall (area of sliding doors). For a small compartment version you need the basic vehicle version long, for the large compartment (e.g. with “Apothekerschrank” cupboard) please choose your vehicle in extralong.

retractable rear bumper protection

„Bed frames“ are oldfashioned remains which are not nice infront of the coffin and do not look good when folded down. Our bumper protection (patented technology) made of stainless steel is retractable and disappears from your view when you dont need it and assures protection for the rear bumper when necessary.


The number of cremations is growing in the funeral business.  In order to provide an attractive and individual presentation for the urns for the undertaker, we offer a multifunctional system which is appropriate for the transport of the urn in the hearse as well as for the representative farewell. The system may also be presented in the mortuary and at the grave.

The connector system for electric candles, crosses and flower vases may be chosen by you individually. If you prefer a surface in wood optic (corresponding to the interior design of your hearse) or other surfaces you may choose between 1001 possibilities.

The representative urn decoration and transport system is available for all limousines and transporters by Kuhlmann Cars.


NIVEAU-LOADTEC® by Kuhlmann Cars assures an easy  loading and unloading releasing for the back.

The tried-and-tested automatically controlled technology – which may be stopped at any time – allows you to adjust the height at the rear end according to your needs. The vehicle may be lowered at the rear by many centimeters – depending on model and design.

Your back and your employees will be grateful! This system is available for almost all transporters by Kuhlmann Cars.