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Discover the people behind Kuhlmann Cars that form the unique design, the innovative technology and add the personal touch to the brand Kuhlmann Cars. We are at your service if you plan on buying a hearse in which you want to be comfortable with your daily work!


Dipl.-Soz. Wiss. Udo Schmidt

CEO / Founder

Assistance General Manager

Heike Fuhrmann Kuhlmann Cars

Heike Fuhrmann

Assistance General Manager

Technical Disposition

Tanja Demming

Technical Disposition

Lisa Ketteler

Technical Disposition

After Sales

Ludger Schöttler

Service and repairs


Ferdinand Bok

Head of technical department
Steffen Jachalke Kuhlmann Cars

Steffen Jachalke

Technical development

Advertising technology

Kristin Godde Kuhlmann Cars

Kristin Godde

Design & advertising technology
Miriam Waldmann Kuhlmann Cars

Miriam Waldmann

Advertising technology

Surface finishing

Heike Niedziela Kuhlmann Cars


Surface finishing

Painting center

Birgit Bengfort Kuhlmann Cars

Birgit Bengfort

Office painting center